Environmental Management
Environmental awareness and plastic use behavior during the Covid-19 pandemic

H. Herdiansyah; . Nuraeni

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 04 November 2023


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Plastic waste in Indonesia increased significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic. With this surge in plastic consumption and waste, awareness of environmental sanitation becomes essential, especially regarding the use of plastic. Society must consider the impact of single-use ...  Read More

Environmental Management
Valuation of urban green open space using the Hedonic price model

R. Setiowati; R.H. Koestoer; R.D. Andajani

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 05 October 2023


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Urban green infrastructure, specifically green open spaces, is becoming increasingly significant in rapidly urbanizing areas. These spaces offer environmental, social, and economic advantages to urban ecosystems, thereby increasing community health and well-being. However, ...  Read More

Environmental Management
Life cycle assessment and life cycle cost of tofu production and its extended recycling scenario

S. Hartini; A.N. Fatliana; N.U. Handayani; P.A. Wicaksono; B.S. Ramadan; T. Matsumoto

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 29 November 2023


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The current literature on tofu production has predominantly focused on exploring the value-added potential of the waste generated during tofu production and conducting impact assessments related to this production. However, a noticeable gap remains in the research concerning ...  Read More

Environmental Management
Sustainability index analysis for environmentally low-input integrated farming

E. Widjaja; B.N. Utomo; A.D. Santoso; Y.P. Erlambang; . Surono; M.A. Firmansyah; S. Handoko; E. Erythrina; M.N. Rofiq; D. Iskandar; N.A. Sasongko; T. Rochmadi; N. Abbas; M. Hanif; Y.S. Garno; F.D. Arianti; N.D. Suretno; M. Askinatin; C.O.I. Hastuti; F. Fahrodji

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 11 October 2023


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Integrated farming is an efficient and environmentally friendly agricultural activity that uses low-input resources, including abundant local materials, such as waste. According to previous studies, this program has been adopted by the Indonesian government to facilitate the ...  Read More

Environmental Management
Life cycle assessment of cocoa farming sustainability by implementing compound fertilizer

I. Idawati; N.A. Sasongko; A.D. Santoso; A.W. Sani; H. Apriyanto; A. Boceng

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 15 October 2023


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The global competitiveness of the cocoa processing industry is enhanced through the implementation of technical policies as a sustainable economic sector. The effort is motivated by the potential of large cocoa production and the international market demands for the industry ...  Read More

Environmental Management
Utilization of personal protective equipment and the hygiene sanitation practices of farmers in the application of pesticides

G. Fizulmi; H. Agustina

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 19 October 2023


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Pesticides are toxic and dangerous materials requiring good handling. Pesticide exposure highly affects farmers'' health, especially spray pesticides, which arise from pesticide residues in food, air, and the environment. This research aims to determine the relationship between ...  Read More

Environmental Management
Clean and healthy environmental behavior in terms of malnutrition and sanitation

. Nuraeni; N.I. Hawa; D. Utari; E. Parahyanti

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 26 October 2023


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: A lousy environment has the potential to be a predictor of disease transmission, which ultimately results in malnutrition among children. Meanwhile, the mother's role is crucial in the first 1000 days of life. This research aimed to determine the determinants of maternal behavior ...  Read More

Environmental Management
Economic feasibility, perception of farmers, and environmental sustainability index of sorghum-eucalyptus agroforestry

. Komalawati; S. Hidayat; R.H. Praptana; M.D. Pertiwi; A.S. Romdon; Y. Hidayat; R.P. Ramadhan; D. Yuniati; . Saptana; . Syahyuti; N. Khaririyatun; S. Ika; R.K. Jatuningtyas; . Subiharta; R.N. Hayati; S. Sudarto; M.P. Yufdy; B. Nuryanto; A. Prasetyo

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 28 October 2023


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The Indonesian Government is promoting sorghum as an alternative commodity to substitute wheat. The cultivation of this commodity on dryland is initiated in forestry areas through social programs. This study aimed to analyze the economic feasibility, perception of farmers, ...  Read More

Environmental Management
Evaluation of willingness to pay and challenges to community empowerment in urban drinkable water

N.I.D. Arista; H.A. Negoro; D.E. Purba

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 08 November 2023


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Environmental degradation, especially that related to water, has the potential to result in an unhealthy life. Humans drinkable water for basic needs, but poor water quality can cause disease. One of the solutions of households to obtain drinkable water is to subscribe to water ...  Read More

Environmental Management
Optimization of industrial symbiosis in coffee-based eco-industrial park design

N. Laili; T. Djatna; N.S. Indrasti; M. Yani

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 30 November 2023


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The coffee agroindustry in Indonesia plays a significant economic role as the third largest coffee producer worldwide. Despite the high economic contribution, the coffee agroindustry also raises environmental issues along its supply chain. Coffee solid waste constitutes biomass ...  Read More

Environmental Management
Economics and cost effectiveness of a rain garden for flood-resistant urban design

D. Rinchumphu; N. Suriyanon; N. Phichetkunbodee; S. Munlikawong; C. Wanitchayapaisit; S. Sitthikankun

Volume 10, Issue 1 , January 2024, , Pages 1-12


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Rapid urbanization negatively affects the hydrologic cycle and makes cities vulnerable to disastrous flash floods. It can additionally cause erosion and water pollution in natural ecosystems. Global climate changes have exacerbated such issues, further upsetting hydrologic ...  Read More

Environmental Management
Evaluation of municipal waste collection performance using operational data

G.M. Hoang; H.T.T. Ha; N.T.L. Le; N.D. Toan

Volume 10, Issue 1 , January 2024, , Pages 69-82


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Developing countries'' governments face challenges in municipal solid waste collection, such as rapidly increased volume of waste, physical and social obstacles to collection routes, or funding shortages. The lack of practical evaluation of the waste collection performance ...  Read More

Environmental Management
Presence of microplastics contamination in table salt and estimated exposure in humans

D.A. Syamsu; D. Deswati; S. Syafrizayanti; A. Putra; Y. Suteja

Volume 10, Issue 1 , January 2024, , Pages 205-224


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Microplastics are plastic fragments measuring less than 5 millimeters which are formed from degraded plastic materials and have the potential to pollute the environment. Due to their widespread presence in the marine environment, microplastics have become a significant global ...  Read More

Environmental Management
Flood susceptibility mapping based on watershed geomorphometric characteristics and land use/land cover on a small island

B.H. Narendra; O. Setiawan; R.A. Hasan; C.A. Siregar; , Pratiwi; N. Sari; A. Sukmana; I.W.S. Dharmawan; R. Nandini

Volume 10, Issue 1 , January 2024, , Pages 301-320


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Flooding is the most frequent hydrological disaster which greatly impacts humans and the environment. Lombok, a small tropical island, experiences severe flooding almost yearly. Flood susceptibility mapping is important to determine the priority watershed in implementing flood ...  Read More

Environmental Management
An analysis on the economic development and deforestation

E.S. Siregar; S.U. Sentosa; A. Satrianto

Volume 10, Issue 1 , January 2024, , Pages 355-368


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: This study aimed to investigate endogenous variables namely, economic development and deforestation, in North Sumatra, and examine their determinants. Both variables are substantial in a country community welfare with harmonized environmental sustainability as a legacy for ...  Read More

Environmental Management
Ecotoxicological insight of phytochemicals, toxicological informatics, and heavy metal concentration in Tridax procumbens L. in geothermal areas

N.B. Maulydia; R. Idroes; K. Khairan; T.E. Tallei; F. Mohd Fauzi

Volume 10, Issue 1 , January 2024, , Pages 369-384


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Tridax procumbens L. is a plant that grows abundantly in the Ie-Seu'um geothermal area in Aceh Province, Indonesia. The objective of this study is to determine metabolite compounds from Tridax procumbens plants in a geothermal area using qualitative and quantitative analyses. ...  Read More

Environmental Management
Abnormality in optimal forest management by indigenous people in deforestation

A. Mutolib; Y. Yonariza; A. Rahmat

Volume 10, Issue 1 , January 2024, , Pages 405-418


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Deforestation threatens 120.5 million hectares of forest, and it occurs at a rate of 115 thousand hectares per year.  Economic needs and livelihoods encourage people to cut and farm forest areas. Deforestation is considered to be a random and unstructured process that ...  Read More

Environmental Management
Effects of effluent recirculation on two-stage anaerobic digestion in treatment of biodegradable municipal solid waste

P.V. Dinh; T. Fujiwara; A.N. Peni; C.K. Tran

Volume 9, Special Issue (Eco-Friendly Sustainable Management) , 2023, , Pages 35-46


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Advantages such as high stability and high biogas production when recirculating the effluent stream in two-stage anaerobic digestion systems have been demonstrated on a variety of substrates, but there is limited information regarding the use of this practice on organic municipal ...  Read More

Environmental Management
Sustainable development model toward environmentally friendly hospital

F, Aini; A. Irianto; S. Amar

Volume 9, Special Issue (Eco-Friendly Sustainable Management) , 2023, , Pages 51-76


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: This study aims to create an environmentally friendly hospital at West Pasaman regional public hospital by implementing a sustainable development model, which consists of the green hospital, green building, green innovation, and green human resource management. The researchers ...  Read More

Environmental Management
Life cycle assessment of paper products based on recycled and virgin fiber

J. Simamora; E.I. Wiloso; M. Yani

Volume 9, Special Issue (Eco-Friendly Sustainable Management) , 2023, , Pages 89-106


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Virgin wood fiber and recycled waste paper are the main raw materials for paper production. Virgin wood-fiber paper appears less favorable than recycled paper, as recycled paper generally consumes more natural resources. Some indicators raise questions about the product being ...  Read More

Environmental Management
Sustainable healthy settlement on a small island as a cultural heritage area

I. Martias; R. Rifardi; A. Agrina; I. Suprayogi

Volume 9, Special Issue (Eco-Friendly Sustainable Management) , 2023, , Pages 107-126


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Penyengat Island is a small island in the Riau Archipelago Province, Indonesia, with a coastal settlement that embodies traditional Malay values. This island holds significance due to the historical connection to the Malay royal civilization along the Malacca Strait, which ...  Read More

Environmental Management
Environmental impact technology for life cycle assessment in municipal solid waste management

M.A. Budihardjo; I.B. Priyambada; A. Chegenizadeh; S. Al Qadar; A.S. Puspita

Volume 9, Special Issue (Eco-Friendly Sustainable Management) , 2023, , Pages 145-172


  Municipal solid waste management has evolved from direct disposal to recycling and resource recovery, driven by sustainability. Life cycle assessment has played a crucial role in analyzing the environmental implications of different waste management strategies and selecting the most ecologically feasible ...  Read More

Environmental Management
Sustainability index analysis of organic fertilizer production from paunch manure and rice straw waste

A.D. Santoso; F.D. Arianti; E.S. Rohaeni; B. Haryanto; M.D. Pertiwi; L.P. Panggabean; A. Prabowo; S. Sundari; S.P. Wijayanti; I.N. Djarot; F.D. Kurniawati; F.L. Sahwan; T. Prasetyo; A. Barkah; T.A. Adibroto; R. Ridlo; I. Febijanto; A.A. Wasil; S. Lusiana; R. Rosmeika; R.B. Heryanto

Volume 9, Special Issue (Eco-Friendly Sustainable Management) , 2023, , Pages 193-218


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Substantial quantities of livestock waste and organic pollutants, such as nitrogen and phosphate, which pose environmental risks are generated from agriculture activities. A combination of paunch manure and rice straw is used as organic fertilizer. Therefore, this study confirmed ...  Read More

Environmental Management
Barriers to sustainable green innovation in meeting the challenges of the global economy of firms

A. Escobar; J. Luna; A. Caraballo

Volume 9, Special Issue (Eco-Friendly Sustainable Management) , 2023, , Pages 219-232


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Sustainable innovation is crucial, because it is a key strategy for ensuring the long-term survival of companies in a world with limited resources. Consequently, understanding the barriers faced by companies in achieving sustainable innovation, such as high initial cost, lack ...  Read More

Environmental Management
Adoption and implementation of extended producer responsibility for sustainable management of end-of-life solar photovoltaic panels

S.E. Kabir; M.N.I. Mondal; M.K. Islam; I.A. Alnaser; M.R. Karim; M.A. Ibrahim; K. Sopian; M. Akhtaruzzaman

Volume 9, Special Issue (Eco-Friendly Sustainable Management) , 2023, , Pages 251-270


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Extended producer responsibility has been a policy tool for managing solar photovoltaic waste in European Union countries for approximately a decade. Furthermore, EPR has been widely used in many countries for electronic waste and other forms of waste management. Several studies ...  Read More