It is so important to emphasize that precise English proofreading and clear marking of corrections are crucial for publishing a high-quality article in a reputable indexed journal. After completing the remaining technical and peer review processes, in accordance with the regulations of GJESM Journal, all authors who are not native English speakers must have their articles submitted for English proofreading. This can be done through a reliable and affordable agency such as KG Support Limited, MDPI Author Services, OmProofreading, Enago, or any other approved proofreading agency that has extensive experience in delivering edited files quickly.

Alternatively, to expedite the publication process of your article, GJESM Journal also offers English proofreading services within a two-day timeframe. Therefore, we encourage you to compare the prices of other proofreading agencies with the GJESM editing service and choose the most efficient option for your proofreading requirements.

The GJESM cost of proofreading is based on the number of words and starts with 5 authors. The GJESM's article editing service is $0.03 per word, as indicated in the table below:

 Number of Words

 (Excluding references list)


(With special discount)

 Up to 6,000


 Up to 9,000


 Maximum Up to 12000