Predatory and Misleading Metrics

A predatory publisher is an opportunistic publishing venue that exploits the academic need to publish but offers little reward for those using their services.

The academic "publish or perish" scenario combined with the relative ease of website creation has inadvertently created a market ripe for the exploitation of academic authors. Some publishers are predatory on purpose, while others may make mistakes due to neglect, mismanagement, or inexperience. While the motivations and methods vary predatory publishers have common characteristics:

  • Their primary goal is to make money (i.e. there will be fees).
  • They do not care about the quality of the work published (i.e. no or little editing or peer-review).
  • They make false claims or promises (i.e. claims of impact factors and indexing).
  • They engage in unethical business practices (i.e. not as advertised).
  • They fail to follow accepted standards or best practices of scholarly publishing.

The following is a list of some of the most common looting publishers around the world who are trying to attract editors to their websites to index their journals and are in a critical situation leading to a lack of indexing in Web of Science and Scopus databases. In this regard, some journals around the world have tried to be indexed in these false misleading metrics without sufficient information, and for this reason, the titles of their journals are shared and spoiled in these misleading metrics, and future of their indexing in the standard databases are faced with serious danger.

  1. AE Global Index
  2. Advanced Science Index
  3. African Quality Centre for Journals
  4. American Standards for Journals and Research (ASJR)
  5. Arab Impact Factor (معامل التأثیر العربی)
  6. CiteFactor
  7. Cosmos Impact Factor
  8. Digital Identification Database System (DIDS)
  9. Digital Online Identifier-Database System (DOI Indexed Journals Impact Factor/DOIJIF)
  10. Directory of Indexing and Impact Factor (DIIF)
  11. Directory of Journal Quality Factor
  12. Directory of Research Journals Indexing (DRJI)
  13. Einstein Institute for Scientific Information (EISI)
  14. Eurasian Scientific Journal Index (ESJI)
  15. General Impact Factor
  16. Global Impact Factor
  17. Global Science Citation Impact Factor (GSCIF)
  18. Impact-Factor.RU
  19. Impact Factor Services for International Journals (IFSIJ)
  20. Index Scientific Journals (ISJ)
  21. Index Copernicus
  22. InfoBase Index
  23. Institute for Science Information (ISI)
  24. International Accreditation and Research Council (IARC)
  25. International Impact Factor Services
  26. International Innovative Journal Impact Factor (IIJIF)
  27. International Institute for Research
  28. International Institute of Organized Research (I2OR)
  29. International Journal Impact Factor (IJIF)
  30. International Scientific Indexing (ISI)
  31. International Scientific Institute (ISI)
  32. International Services for Impact Factor and Indexing (ISIFI)
  33. International Society for Research Activity Journal Impact Factor (ISRA JIF)
  34. Jour Informatics
  35. Journal Impact Factor
  36. Journals Impact Factor (JIFACTOR)
  37. Journal Influence Factor
  38. Journals Consortium. Journal Influence Factor (JIF)
  39. JPR Impact Factor
  40. Online Publications Quality Control Association (OPQC)
  41. Open Academic Journals Index (OAJI)
  42. Perma Society of Technical Education and Research
  43. Pubicon Science Index
  44. RJI Factor (Research Journal Impact Factor)
  45. Root Indexing
  46. Science Impact Factor
  47. Scientific Indexing Services
  48. Scientific Journal Impact Factor
  49. Org (International Scientific Institute)
  50. SPARC Indexing
  51. Systematic Impact Factor
  52. Technical Impact Factor
  53. Universal Impact Factor