Global Journal of Environmental Science and Management-GJESM is an international, open access, peer reviewed, scholarly publication aiming to promote scientific, technological, socio-economic and policy making perspectives of environmental science and management, and to present them to researchers, academics, students, industrialists to address the growing need for professionals who can apply best management practices drawn from various inter-disciplinary fields.


Global Journal of Environmental Science and Management (GJESM) covers appropriate disciplines of environmental science and management. GJESM publishes original research papers, review papers, case reports, short communications and letters to the editor as well as the editor’s response to letters. GJESM is a free charge publication dedicated to bringing together intellectual and professional scientists, as well as the public sectors who are engaged in efforts to understand the state of natural systems and, increasingly, the human footprint on the biosphere. Typical areas of interest will include:

  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Environmental Biology and Microbiology
  • Pollution Management and Control (Air, soil and water)
  • Bioremediation (Soil and water)
  • Waste Management (Solid, liquid, hazardous and toxic)
  • Marine and coastal Environment Pollution and Management
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Risk Assessment and Management
  • Energy and Environment Audit
  • Ecosystem Management (Land and forest)
  • Sustainable Agriculture Management
  • Urban Environment Management (Population and built environment)