Global Journal of Environmental Science and Management (GJESM), in publication since 2015, is a leading international, open access, peer reviewed, scholarly aiming to promote scientific and technological publishing high quality and novel information within the broad field of 'Environmental science, engineering and management'. The GJESM Journal operates a double-blind peer review policy.  


A broad outline of the Global Journal of Environmental Science and Management scope includes; peer reviewed original research papers, case studies, technical reports, research reviews, short communications, notes to the editor, letters to editor and authors’ response about letters to editor. GJESM Journal covers the following topics and areas:  



Environmental health and ecotoxicology

Environmental impact assessment

Environmental monitoring and statement    

Environmental social science

Hazardous and toxic substances management

Human population and environment

Health, safety and environment (HSE)

Environmental risk assessment and management

Plant and soil environment

Soil pollution and remediation

Sustainable agriculture management           

Urban and built environmental management



Environmental biology and biotechnology

Environmental chemistry

Environmental microbiology

Environmental pollution (Air, soil and water)           

Marine and coastal environmental pollution and management      

Wildlife ecology



Environmental analysis and methodology    

Environmental bioremediation and measurement   

Environmental modeling

Environmental nanotechnology

Environmental radiation and radioactivity   

Hydrology and water resources

Industrial ecology

Noise pollution control

Solid waste management

Wastewater collection and treatment processes                

Water pollution control and management