About Publisher

GJESM Publisher, founded in 2015, is a renowned international publication dedicated to disseminating scientific articles, reports, publications, and conferences. As an independent entity, the publisher operates autonomously without any affiliations to external organizations. Led by Professor J. Nouri, the GJESM Publisher and Editor in Chief, not only serves as a platform for scholarly publishing but also offers consultancy services to the international scientific journals. This consultancy role focuses on enhancing indexing and technical aspects of scientific publishing. The primary objective of GJESM Publisher is to assist scientific communities by facilitating the publication of research and promoting the conversion of knowledge. By adopting the open access (OA) model, GJESM Publisher ensures unrestricted online access to peer-reviewed scientific research. Among its notable publications, the Global Journal of Environmental Sciences and Management stands out, having consistently appeared in esteemed indexing databases since its inception in 2015.

Article Processing Charges (APC)

The Global Journal of Environmental Science and Management is published by GJESM Publisher, operates as an independent self-employed publisher. It is committed to producing a well-developed and indexed publication that maintains a high standard of quality. The production of this journal incurs various costs, such as establishing and maintaining the publishing infrastructure, managing routine journal operations, processing manuscripts through peer review, editing, publishing, and maintaining the scientific record. To cover these expenses, the journal implements Article Processing Charges (APC) with no waiver. The APC is only applicable once the manuscript has undergone a positive review and is deemed ready for acceptance. It is important to note that there are no additional charges for shipping, page-layout, or color fees. The APC payments replace traditional subscription fees and enable the publisher to provide free access to the full text of each published article to all interested readers, following an open access model. In addition, the standard authors number are up to 5 authors, therefore for each extra authors, USD100 will be added to the total APC payment. Hence, it is important to highlight that authors have the opportunity to select one of the subsequent alternatives for the peer review and publication services of their article:-


When opting for this service, the submitted paper typically undergoes a review process that takes approximately 3 to 4 months. Upon acceptance, it is then placed in a queue for publication.


By selecting this service, the submitted paper will undergo a faster-tracked peer review. Once accepted, it will be promptly released on the journal website under the "Article in Press" section. Furthermore, authors who choose to publish in the GJESM open access journal retain the copyright of their work, which is released under a “Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY- 4.0)” enabling the unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction of an article in any medium, provided that the original work is properly cited and are free to access, download and share without subscription.