Environmental Engineering
Wetland degradation monitoring using multi-temporal remote sensing data and watershed land degradation index

I. Ridwan; S. Kadir; N. Nurlina

Volume 10, Issue 1 , January 2024, , Pages 83-96


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The condition of the watershed area, particularly the Tabunio Watershed, is one with priority treatment due to the condition of the land where it is located, which qualifies for the “very high recovery” category with a critical land area of 19,109.89 hectare. Moreover, ...  Read More

Environmental Engineering
Modeling of peatland fire risk early warning based on water dynamics

B. Kartiwa; . Maswar; A. Dariah; . Suratman; N.L. Nurida; N. Heryani; P. Rejekiningrum; H. Sosiawan; S.H. Adi; I. Lenin; S. Nurzakiah; Ch. Tafakresnanto

Volume 9, Special Issue (Eco-Friendly Sustainable Management) , November 2023, , Pages 233-250


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: To minimize the potential risk of land fires, climate monitoring and hydrology characterization are crucial factors in managing peatlands. Therefore, this study aimed to investigate the relation between climate variability and water dynamics to develop a peatland fire early ...  Read More

Environmental Engineering
Modeling the tropical fish community related to land uses and environmental determinants

N. D. Takarina; O. M. Chuan; M. I. Afifudin; L. Tristan; I. Arif; A. Adiwibowo

Volume 9, Issue 3 , July 2023, , Pages 515-530


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Coastal ecosystems worldwide have been threatened by changing land use and environmental determinants. These conditions have impacted important marine resources, including fish diversity. Southeast Asia, one region experiencing massive land use change, still has limited information ...  Read More

Environmental Engineering
Effects of ambient air pollutants on cardiovascular disease hospitalization admission

L. Salvaraji; R. Avoi; M.S. Jeffree; S. Saupin; H.R. Toha; S.B. Shamsudin

Volume 9, Issue 1 , January 2023, , Pages 157-172


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Air pollution is associated with population growth and economic advancement. Severe cardiovascular complications that require extensive medical service are aggravated by air pollutants. This study illustrates the trend and correlation of cardiovascular disease hospital admission ...  Read More