Global Journal of Environmental Science and Management (GJESM) is planning to have a Professional Society ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT AND ENERGY ASSOCIATION (EMEA)”.

It is a non-profit environmental management and energy Association, created in addition to the proposed GJESM, which has been promoting environmental improvement initiatives in the Global level from 2014 onwards. 

The objectives of EMEA are;     

[1]   Providing quality training programs like conferences, seminars and workshops to the students, academicians, researchers, scientists and industrialists for updating the knowledge and skills in their respective fields of environmental management.

[2]   Address the growing need for professionals, engineers and technocrats in Association, who can apply the best management practices drawn from various inter-disciplines for making sustainable future.

[3]   Member of EMEA can participate and present their environmental science, engineering, technology and management papers in conferences, seminars and workshops with free registration cost.

[4]   GJESM Journal may be called for special issue, which will be helpful for the students, researchers, scientists and industrialists, who are seeking information on particular theme of environmental science, engineering, technology and management.       

[5]   The papers published in GJESM Journal are open access, and hence, the information of published papers will be reached quickly into the Global level.

By conducting workshops, seminars and conferences along with publishing special issues, the GJESM Journal may be received more numbers of good quality papers from well reputed organizations and individuals.  Ultimately, the information in the form of technical papers published by the GJESM Journal will be reached to the Global level very fast and quench their thirst for knowledge.