Environmental modeling
1. Geographic information system and process-based modeling of soil erosion and sediment yield in agricultural watershed

G.R. Puno; R.A. Marin; R.C.C. Puno; A.G. Toledo-Bruno

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 01 June 2020

  The study applied the geographic information system interface for the water erosion prediction project, a process-based model, to predict soil erosion and sediment yield from the agricultural watershed of Taganibong. The method involved the preparation of the four input files corresponding to climate, ...  Read More

Sustainable agriculture management
2. Mathematical methods of data processing in the formation and evaluation of sectoral structure in agricultural enterprises

T. Kalashnikova; І. Кoshkalda; O. Тrehub

Volume 5, Special Issue , 2019, , Pages 87-95


  The sectoral structure of most agricultural enterprises is unbalanced and uncoordinated, which underlies the need in deepened research of its improvement. This paper is dedicated to the formation and evaluation of the sectoral structure with the use of mathematical methods of data processing. Mathematical ...  Read More