Environmental Management
Economic policy of Eastern European countries in the field of energy in the context of global challenges

S. Bogachov; A. Kirizleyeva; O. Mandroshchenko; S. Shahoian; Y. Vlasenko

Volume 8, Issue 1 , January 2022, , Pages 1-16


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The crisis in the energy sector of Eastern European countries determines the search for alternative ways to solve the above problem, one of which is the development of economic policy in the field of energy in the context of European integration. The purpose of the article ...  Read More

Environmental Engineering
Strategic guidelines on the development of renewable energy sources

O.А. Mykoliuk; V.М. Bobrovnyk

Volume 5, Special Issue , 2019, , Pages 61-71


  The study highlights the importance to develop the national economy through assuring energy security. The study aims to analyze how to develop renewable energy sources, determine the main priorities of Ukraine’s national security policy and discover novel ways of assuring energy security due to ...  Read More