Environmental Engineering
A state of the art review on geotechnical reinforcement with end life tires

M. Shariati; M. Afrazi; H. Kamyab; S. Rouhanifar; E. Toghroli; M. Safa; Sh. Chelliapan; H. Afrazi

Volume 10, Issue 1 , January 2024, , Pages 385-404


  This study provides a comprehensive exploration of the utilization of scrap tires in geotechnical engineering, focusing on their applications, mechanical behavior, environmental impact, and potential challenges. The utilization of waste tires in engineering applications is of paramount importance, offering ...  Read More

Environmental Management
Adoption and implementation of extended producer responsibility for sustainable management of end-of-life solar photovoltaic panels

S.E. Kabir; M.N.I. Mondal; M.K. Islam; I.A. Alnaser; M.R. Karim; M.A. Ibrahim; K. Sopian; M. Akhtaruzzaman

Volume 9, Special Issue (Eco-Friendly Sustainable Management) , November 2023, , Pages 251-270


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Extended producer responsibility has been a policy tool for managing solar photovoltaic waste in European Union countries for approximately a decade. Furthermore, EPR has been widely used in many countries for electronic waste and other forms of waste management. Several studies ...  Read More

Environmental Science
Sediment organic carbon stocks in tropical lakes and its implication for sustainable lake management

T.R. Soeprobowti; N.D. Takarina; P.S. Komala; L. Subehi; M. Wojewódka-Przybył; J. Jumari; R. Nastuti

Volume 9, Issue 2 , April 2023, , Pages 173-192


  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The lakeside has an enormous sediment carbon storage potential; however, it is susceptible to various environmental changes and can easily become a source of carbon emissions. Understanding the amount of carbon storage in lakeside sediments and organic matter sources may provide ...  Read More